• Art Dolls Only “A Dark Christmas” themed show and sale.

    Won’t you please join me and nineteen of the the other Art Dolls Only members November 6-8 for a deliciously dark Christmas show.

    Don’t worry none of the art will be too scary and many of the artists will be working outside the theme so there should be something for everyone!

    Come do your Christmas shopping early or get yourself a wonderfully dark delight!

    All the participating artists with their links:

    Participating artists links facebook and Instagram: Participating Artists Facebook pages:

    Wilma Simmons https://bit.ly/2Cpp6CX

    Alison Jackson http://bit.ly/2SaBxL4

    Bobbi Oliver http://bit.ly/2VbC55v

    Ulla Anobile https:/bit.ly/2EkBgPP

    Linda Ehrenfried http://bit.ly/2UGq6bv

    Gioconda Pieracci http://bit.ly/2O6Qdaa

    Myriam Powell http://bit.ly/2TEfgY2

    LuLu Lancaster https://bit.ly/2TqYOb8

    Ioanna Tsouka http://bit.ly/2TKGRG4

    Sprite Hansen http://bit.ly/2UK4Gvi

    Dina Goebel bit.ly/DinaGoebelFB

    Santola Mastrandrea https://bit.ly/3e586TF

    Sam Crow bit.ly/2XvdSoZ

    Sherri Anne Meyer https://bit.ly/3c0jyPh

    Melinda Wood http://bit.ly/2HZSD9i

    Rhonda Whitledge http://bit.ly/2EFwlrz

    Sherrie Woolsey Neilson https://bit.ly/35Dp6wi

    Rhissanna Collins http://bit.ly/2TIygVc

    Zoe Thomas http://bit.ly/2TlnUKL

    Kira O’Keefe https://bit.ly/2CUB349

    Participating artists on Instagram:

    Wilma Simmons @empress.wu.designs

    Alison Jackson @alisonjacksonartdolls

    Bobbi Oliver @bobbi_oliver

    Ulla Anobile @ullaanobile

    Linda Ehrenfried @Lindaehrenfried

    Gioconda Pieracci @pupillae_art_dolls

    Myriam Powell @myriampowelldesigns

    LuLu Lancaster @lululancaster_art

    Ioanna Tsouka @animaexmanus

    Sprite Hansen @sprite_hansen

    Dina Goebel @thatcreativefeeling

    Santola Mastrandrea @boscoatrostudio

    Sam Crow @samscuriouscreatures

    Sherri Anne Meyer @conchygemdolls

    Melinda Wood @mindysfairies

    Rhonda Whitledge @sculpture_by_rhonda_whitledge_

    Sherrie Woolsey Neilson @sherrie_neilson

    Rhissanna Collins @rhissanna

    Zoe Thomas @curiousboudoirdolls

    Kira O’Keefe spider_sisters_studio