Krampus OOAK Handcrafted Art Doll of Cloth and Paper Mache' by Spider Sisters Studio ·

Krampus OOAK Handcrafted Art Doll of Cloth and Paper Mache’ by Spider Sisters Studio


Krampus isn’t what I usually associate with Christmas, but I thought
I’d put my own twist on how he came to be. I believe much like other
Christmas scoundrels, he was once was human, but so loathed the
holiday that he became half man half beast, left to wander the world
until he could do some good, as we all know, he’s still out there!

Krampus is a mythical beast thought to have originated in Bavaria or
Austria near the fifteenth century.
Popularity of the beast spread throughout Europe and is now being
seen in other cultures, each adding its own twist on his appearance.
Krampus appears in many variations, most share some common physical
characteristics of this horned, anthropomorphic figure described as
“half-goat, half-demon”. Krampus is hairy, dark in color,and has the
cloven hooves and horns of a goat, his long, pointed tongue lolls out and
he has long thin fingers with talon like nails. During the Christmas season,
Krampus punishes children who have misbehaved, he carries bundles of
switches with which he swats naughty children, he then throws them
in a sack for transport where he later drowns then eats them! Let me tell
you, if I thought this guy was going to come get me as a child, I would have
been good every day of the year, not just at Christmas time!

Krampus is a brawny 14″ tall and about 4″ across, he’s been hand crafted
without the use of molds or patterns and is my own one of a kind original
Spider Sisters Studio design. He’s been handcrafted from animal friendly
artificial fur fabric that I have airbrushed to give depth. His torso has been
needle sculpted and covered in paper mache then painted with several
layers of high quality paint. Krampus head has been sculpted by hand with
paper clay, He has bright yellow glass eyes, a long lolling tongue and goat
like horns, his long tufted tail is wired and can been seen peeking out from
behind his shoulder. Krampus has hands and hooves hand sculpted from
paperclay, his fingers feature gnarled fingers with long talon like nails, he
carries a bundle of switches and comes with a grubby bag to carry his
captures. Krampus has been mounted on a piece of repurposed slate
and will come to you signed and dated.

Krampus is an adult collectors art piece, he is not intended to be played
with and is not suitable for children.

Thanks so much for taking time to take a look at my art pieces.

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