Time Flies when you’re having fun!


Time flies when your having fun, and Morag is really having fun! Poor old girl, she’s never learned to drive a stick so she’s earth bound Halloween after Halloween!

She’s heard whispers that there’s a new fangled automatic broom in town, she was so excited she rushed to town in the middle of tending her garden to see it for herself…at last, she may be able to meet the man in the moon!

Morag has been feeding the machine dimes all day, but has yet to figure out how to enchant it to take flight! Silly girl, left her eyeglasses at home in her haste, little does she know, she’s been riding the new coin operated advertisement for the Midnight Rider Broom company all afternoon!

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Morag is a mixed media hand sculpted piece 18″ x 14″ She was costumed with newly aged vintage fabrics. Details aplenty from her unibrow, to the hole in her shoe with her striped stockings peeking out, make her a delightful one of a kind collectors piece.

Morag is an adult collectors piece not intended for display only, due to her small parts she is not recommended for children.
She is an original piece of art, she will arrive signed and dated.

Please contact me for postage details as costs vary a great deal depending on where she is being shipped, or she can be picked up in person at my studio.
*Import fees, duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.