Vintage Look Antique Replica Well Loved Horse Pull Toy


I absolutely love old toys, and adore animals, so what could be better than combining the two! I created Arden to resemble antique pull toys that have been well loved and played with until little remains of it but the foundation.

Arden is created with new materials to look well loved and aged, extra care is taken with all the fine details such as rusty nails where a mane once flowed long and luxurious, to aging the base on which each individual little masterpiece stands. Every horse has a lovely worn patina that will fit right into your home making it burst with an authentic air of finery. Arden is charming from the carved features and thinning manes, right down to the vintage wheels. The horse looks under an old fashioned Christmas tree and will come to you looking as though you have had him for years. Your friends will have to look twice to make sure these wonderful horses aren’t really antiques! Each little horse will brighten your home and take you back to an earlier time when toys lasted long enough to be truly loved.

Like all of my artwork, each little antique replica pull toy horse is a one of a kind, no patterns or molds are used so each is as unique as you aree Arden is 9 3/4″ tall and 8 1/2″ Long. Arden is an  adult collectors pieces, they are not intended for children. Arrives signed and dated.


Orrie The darker horse in the photos is sold, he is an example only of a dark horse and NOT INCLUDED with the sale of the light horse Arden.

I take custom orders on the horse pull toys,time permitting. The vintage wheels used will be what I have in stock at the moment and may not be exactly the same as seen in the photo.

Layaway or a payment plan is welcome

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